Where to find free in-play/live betting tips?

In-play/live betting tips

While many of us would absolutely love to bet using little more than the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years, we know that it is not possible. There are far too many events out there which require an in-depth knowledge on all sorts of stats and the like. This means that, on occasion, we are going to need to lean on other people. Looking for betting tips is the way to go.

What are free in-play/live betting tips?

In the past, betting tips were something that you tended to pick up before an event started. However, with the prevalence of live betting, this is something which has changed drastically. Nowadays, since you can bet while a match is in progress (and this is quite a tactical form of betting!), you need your betting tips to be popping up throughout the event. This is what live betting tips are.

Basically, you can think of live betting tips as tips that are constantly rolling in as the progress in a game changes. After all, you can’t rely on tips from before an event when a match has already started, right?

The problem is that there are not a lot of websites out there which will actually offer in-play betting tips and the like. This is because it takes a drastic amount of effort to make sure those tips stay up to date. Far too much effort for most websites out there.

It is probably worth noting that the vast majority of websites that offer live betting tips will only target the ‘biggest’ matches out there. While you may be able to bet on some of the smaller games while they are in play, it is unlikely that there will be a steady stream of tips coming through. There will never be enough people watching those events to make it worth the effort for many websites.

What makes good free in-play betting tips?

The best tips are (obviously) those that are accurate. However, also tips which have a way in which you can make money with them. In most cases, when an event is in play you are going to have a rough idea of which side may win the event. This means that there is not really a lot of money to be made with those types of bet. You really want tips which give you some of the ‘crazier’ predictions which still have a decent chance of coming through, and making you a little bit of cash at the same time e.g. if you are betting on a football match, then maybe the ‘next goal scorer’, or something like that.

If you find live in-play betting tips that tell you who is going to win, then they are terrible tips and can be safely ignored. That is the type of information that you would have been able to find out on your own anyway.

As mentioned previously; the best tips are ones that are reasonably accurate. Obviously, it is impossible to get the tips correct all of the time. Nobody is psychic and things do happen in matches which are completely unpredictable, but as long as they get it right most of the time it is good.

It is probably worth remembering since these tips are being produced ‘on the fly’, it is unlikely that there is going to be a ton of information on the tip. After all, many of these companies are sending out the tips within seconds of knowing. So do not expect any well-reasoned argument as to why the tip is like that. The best places are those which you can trust.

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How to find tips

Find a ‘larger’ website. One that people tend to talk about a lot. You will also want to ensure that they cover as many events as possible. If you can, try to find somebody that operates in your country, this way you can be sure that if there is a tip which tickles your fancy, there will be a recommended website or two where you will be able to head in order to take advantage of the tip.

Remember; if when you are searching for live betting tips, the site that you have selected always seems to get it ‘wrong’, then try and look for another website. There is no excuse to be throwing away all your money, right?